20 December 2013

Star Wars Year

Some time ago, probably last year, I said that I was not going to read a Star Wars novel. This was based on my bias on cheaply exploited franchises, even though I've played some games and had some comic books over the years. But books I thought it was too much.

In 2010 I played two Star Wars based games (Knights of the Old Republic I and II) which were very good, in particular the first one (being one of the best games I've ever played, so it's highly recommended). The timeline of these two games is 3000 years before the original story (movies). This gave the stories great independence without losing the Star Wars feeling. Now that I remember, I also played two space flight games based on Star Wars (X-Wing and Tie Fighter) in the 90's.

This situation changed, rather drastically, when in January I happened to watch a couple of episodes of the Cartoon Network "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" animated TV series. I really liked it and started to watch it from the beginning once I was back in Germany. After that I was hooked with the Star Wars universe. I went on an replayed the two videogames and then read books linked with the Old Republic time frame. Then I played another videogame in the Clone Wars time frame (Republic Commando), which led to read a whole series of the Republic Commando. A very nice series, a war drama dressed with the Star Wars universe elements, sadly the ending is not really a proper one. This totals 8 Star Wars based books during this year.

After all this, I was still hooked to this universe. A couple of years I played as a beta tester the massive multiplayer online game of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since it's launch, I avoided getting near it knowing it would be a time sink-hole for me. But now I couldn't resist it and succumbed to the temptation and started playing. Interesting and gorgeous landscapes, although not as good as a game (storywise) than the Knights of the Old Republic.

Probably I'll continue to read some novels and play some games in the future, but still being rather selective on that and mostly steering away from content too close to the original movies, since I believe the expanded universe is much more mature and more "Star Wars"-like than the original stuff.

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