11 September 2013

Book review: The Ringmaster's Gambit

As I said some time ago here, I was asked to write a review for an upcoming book. Since some weeks, it's posted on the Goodreads community and I'll copy it here. It is a short and simple review and without spoilers. Reading the other reviews, it seems that others share some of my opinions too.

I was in the lucky position to have read the first book in this series less than a month ago. Having said that, this book does not feel at all like a sequel but more like a completely new book in the same world. 

The book takes a more somber and serious tone, leaving aside almost all the fun and sarcasm of the storyteller. The story still has its fun moments, but as were the first book could be seen as a journey, this one is more like a big staging for something else.

It almost completely rescinds of the characters developed in the first part of the series. Thus a whole new set of characters are introduced comprised, mostly, by the magii and the forsaken races which were mentioned in the prequel. Unfortunately, I was not able to care about any of the new characters, but with the sporadic exception of the Ringmaster itself. 

Overall, it felt less confusing than the prequel, but it might be because I was more used. On the other hand it gets more complex as the factions playing the game are uncovered. It delivers a more intriguing plot, leaving the loose ends from the sequel almost untied and creating a whole bunch of new ones. That said, it also delivers an interesting account of some lore about the game and the players involved together with their intentions.

The whole saga is an ambitious project. I hope to be able to read the third part, sooner than later, and get closure on all the threads going on.

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