12 August 2013

Goodreads as a platform and on becoming a book reviewer


I'm member of a social (hate that word) network centered on books called Goodreads. Mostly to keep track of what I've read (and slightly brag about it), have some statistics and eventually discover new books to read. I don't really participate in the community by writing reviews and engaging with other people, but I do rate all the books I read. It was evident for me, that as a platform it can be an interesting one for writers to engage with a group of [their] hardcore readers (I doubt that the percentage of non hardcore reader in that network is high) for marketing purposes, beta-reading and reviewing.

About two weeks ago I was approached in in this network by an author. This author suggested, that because I read and rather liked a dystopian setup in a certain book (the rating was "I like it" 3 out of 5 stars), I could also enjoy his own new book. He continued by offering me a free electronic copy, no strings attached, to read which I clearly accepted and received... how to say no to a free book. Marketing operating.

Later, one week ago or so, I was again approached by another author after rating rather poorly (just two stars that later changed to three) his book and for the first time writing a very short review. The review was more like a few impressions/opinions about it. He thanked me on my honest opinion and informed me that he hoped to have taken care of those observations in the sequel. Making the story short, he offered me to do a review of the sequel which will be soon published. And of course I accepted and already started reading.

It feels a bit like in high school when I had some deadline to read a book and then, in a similar fashion, having to write something about it. I hope to do a good job and a honest review, and who knows, also to keep doing more reviews. And maybe, some day, I'll get to be a beta-reader for one book. Or maybe to use this community for my own review and marketing purposes when I manage to finish my own books some day in the future.

For now I can add one more thing to my list of accomplishments (actually when I finish it of course), be a proper reviewer.

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B. said...

This is so cool. Do keep us updated in this regard, man. Sounds pretty fun! :D